How I Made $50 Grocery Shopping This Year with NO Couponing!

Let me see a show of hands of how many people make money while grocery shopping. Anyone? Bueller? Believe me, I was one of those who would have thought that making money by buying my normal groceries was a scam, but I was wrong. And I never had to cut or clip any coupons!

SavingStar, Inc. Save on groceries with no clipping and no printing today

Let me introduce you to SavingStar. This app has made me $50 this year just for shopping from normal, everyday items at my grocery store. Let me break it down for you:

What is SavingStar?

SavingStar is a smart phone app that helps you earn money by either scanning your receipts or by linking your store cards to the app. Once you reach the minimum threshold of $5.00, you can cash out to your PayPal account, donate to charity, or receive it as a gift card. With 58 thousand participating stores and over 5 million users, it’s a reputable resource and an easy tool that will help you save a little extra cash.

How do I use SavingStar?

You’ll need a smart phone to download their app. On your home screen, you’ll see “offers,” which are updated weekly. These offers range anywhere from 50¢ to $4 to a full priced item (I received full price back for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg). Here’s what the screen looks like to the user. To ‘activate’ an offer, click the orange plus sign. Savingstar 1

In order to use the app, you’ll have to first select participating stores near you. You can do this by clicking “stores.” There are two types of stores: ones that are linked to your loyalty store card (ShopRite, Price Chopper, etc.), and ones that require you to scan receipts for redemption (like Walmart). When you load offers to your loyalty cards, they load to all of the cards you have registered on the app! How cool is that?! You must register your card by clicking stores that have loyalty cards before you make any purchases. Nothing is retroactive on the app, so if you forget, they won’t honor your purchase.


All that’s left to do is shop.  When you make purchase of a valid offer at a store, the amount will automatically be loaded into your account within a few days.  Once you hit $5 you can ‘cash out’.  I get my money sent directly to my PayPal account.


Here is a step by step How To Use Savingstar:

  1. Select which offers you want to ‘activate’Savingstar2
  2. Go grocery shopping
  3. You will receive an email stating that money was added to your account a few days after your shopping trip for verified offers.
  4. Once you get a minimum of $5 in your Savingstar account, cash out!


To start earning money while you grocery shop today Click Here. Savingstar is a free app which causes no stress and makes it possible to not clip any coupons!

Let me know how much money you made using Savingstar in the comments.


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