Keep Your Summer Strawberries Fresher for Longer

If you are anything like me, you count down the days until your local farm stand has their freshly picked strawberries for sale.  This year my strawberry cravings have been multiplied since they are all I have been craving!  I am thinking that I will be giving birth to a strawberry.


There is nothing like eating a fresh, local strawberry- unfortunately they do not seems to last as long as the ones you buy in the grocery store.  Until now that is!  I have figured out a way to keep those beautiful red jewels longer in my fridge and they taste just as fresh as when I bought them.

First thing you need to do is purchase some mason jars.  I got mine through Amazon since I was already shopping on there and saw they were on sale (I like to keep extra ones in the house because you can use them for anything). I personally love these mason jars: 1pt Ball Mason Jars – Case of 12

Next, when you get the strawberries home, rinse them off and make sure to completely dry them (I lay them out on a paper towel)- this is key to keeping them fresh and tasty.

Then take a sharp paring knife and cut the tops off, as close as you can get to the top without wasting any of the red flesh.

Cut strawberries in half and place in mason jar.

It is THAT simple.  Strawberries in mason jars in the refrigerator will last you at least 1 full week.  I personally like to divide the strawberries into 5 separate mason jars so then I can just pop one in my lunch bag each day to bring to work with me.


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  1. mylifeasishan says:

    Very nice post!


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