Gram’s Never Fail Hard Boiled Eggs- Perfect Every Time

I adore hard boiled eggs and even more so deviled eggs & egg salad.  I was lucky to have been taught the “Never Fail” technique for the perfect hard boiled egg from my Gram many years ago.  And now I am passing along the secret to perfect hard boiled eggs every time- even for those people who consider themselves a disaster in the kitchen!

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs 1 CountryishLiving copy
First you add your eggs to a pot in a single layer.

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs 2 CountryishLiving copy
Add water to eggs- just enough to cover all the eggs fully. Turn heat up to high and wait for pot to come to a rolling boil.

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs 4 CountryishLiving copy
Once boiling, cover pot and remove from heat.  Set timer for 12 mins. Leave the eggs alone.

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs 5 CountryishLiving copy
When 12 minutes is up, empty all the hot water out of the pot into the sink.

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs 6 CountryishLiving copy
Start adding cold water into the pot to cover the eggs to stop cooking process.

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs 7 CountryishLiving copy
Add some ice cubes to assist in the cooling down of the eggs.

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs 9 CountryishLiving copy
Once completely cooled, start unpeeling eggs under running water

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs 10 CountryishLiving copy
The shell comes off so easily under the running water.

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs 11 CountryishLiving copy
Time to enjoy your perfectly hard boiled egg!


Gram’s Never Fail Hard Boiled Eggs

TOTAL TIME:  25-30 min. 
  • Eggs- However many you want to use


  1. Place eggs in a large pot or saucepan.
  2. Completely cover eggs with water.
  3. Bring pot of eggs to a rolling boil.
  4. When water has reached boil, cover and remove from heat.
  5. Let sit covered for 12 minutes.
  6. After 12 minutes, remove lid from pot and empty water into drain.
  7. Run cold water over the eggs to stop cooking process.
  8. Add ice cubes to assist in the cool down.
  9. Start peeling eggs.
  10. Enjoy!

Unpeeled eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

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