How I Make Money Online Shopping- No Crazy Coupling Skills Needed

Since me and the hubby are starting a family at the same time we are purchasing our first home, we needed to find ways to cut back on our spending. And I found out a way to actually bring money back into our wallets while shopping for the necessities that we need. Seriously, this post has no strings, no commitments, and no crazy surveys and such to do for money.  You really get paid for shopping online.

There could be nothing easier than to make money while shopping online.  Have you heard of  If not, you need to and I am glad to let you in on this amazing website.  First you sign up for an Ebates account here.   So far I have made over $170 through Ebates just for shopping for things I was going to buy anyways. And when you sign up, you automatically will get $10 added to your account after you make your first purchase! So there is a free $10 that you will get for just shopping online like you normally would.

Countryish Living Money Making Shopping Kohls Ebates 1

The way Ebates works is that you go to first before going to the website you were going to buy some items from.  For example, I like to order from so each time I have Kohl’s Cash that is going to expire, I head on over to Ebates first.

You then ‘search’ for the store you want to make a purchase from and you will see what ‘cash back percentage’ that store will have.  Each store has a different percentage and it changes from day to day.  Ebates will also have some promotions where they offer Double Cash Back on certain online stores.

Countryish Living Money Making Shopping Kohls Ebates 2 will also show you ALL of the available online coupons that you can apply at checkout.  I used to spend so much time searching for coupon codes while shopping online, and now they are all right in front of me.

Countryish Living Money Making Shopping Kohls Ebates 3

You then click on the “Shop Now” button next to the coupon code that you would like to use and you will be directed to to shop.

Countryish Living Money Making Shopping Kohls Ebates 3

That’s it!  That is all you do and you will get paid for it. After you have made your purchase, Ebates will send you an email stating how much you have earned and will be put into your account.

Countryish Living Money Making Shopping Kohls Ebates 4

Money Back is given out 4 times a year.  You can either receive a check in the mail (which I have done and have had no issues cashing it) or you can have it directly deposited to your PayPal account (which I have also done with no issues).

How can you go wrong- making money while making purchases that you were going to make anyways?!


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