Unclog Any Drain Naturally with 2 Items From Your Pantry

How many of you have had the dreaded clogged drain, or even worse, the slow draining drain? This happens in our house more times than I would like to admit. Luckily for you I have found the easiest and most cost effective way to clear those drains!
Slow Drain Photo

When I first hear of this “solution” I was working in a bar and the ice bin hadn’t been draining correctly. An older patron stated that her mother taught her the secret to clearing out drains with 2 items that were always in the pantry- Salt & Baking Soda. I honestly didn’t think it had any shot of clearing the drain, but not wanting to dismiss my customer completely I tried it. Holy Moley did that solution work-and FAST!


First you take 3/4 cup of baking soda. Mix in 1/4 cup salt. (These measurements are dependent upon the size of the clog). Stir this mixture and then pour directly down the problem drain.

down the hatch

I use my finger to poke this mix down into the drain a little. You then take 2 cups of boiling water and pour over the drain immediately.

drop it like its hot

And like any high school science experiment, your drain will start bubbling. If there are no bubbles, your baking soda is old and has lost it potency.

Bubble bubble

Normally I will perform this magic trick at night before I go to bed to make sure that the mixture has time to work it’s magic in the drain before the morning.  ometimes I need the drain to be functional ASAP- like my shower drain before work- so after the bubbles start to subside, I do a little test of running the water to make sure we have the ‘All Clear’.

All Clear

This is the most reliable, cost effective, natural & child safe way to clear drains that I have found. Running to my pantry to get the necessary ingredients to clear my drain is so much better than having to run to the store to spend money on harsh chemicals that sometimes don’t work and result in spending even more money on more product.

Hope you can use this wonderful and easy solution in your everyday life as we do now.

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