Wedding Floral Decorating on a Budget

Baby’s Breath is typically thought of as a cheap, filler flower.  These tiny, almost cloud like flowers are often used stem by stem and not wholly in a bunch. When multiple stems of these beauties come together, the beauty and simpleness create a stunning, almost whimsical statement. These flowers are also budget friendly and last extremely long, so it is the perfect floral to use for all your make ahead DIY wedding decorations.

For our wedding we had a strict floral budget, and since I wanted beautiful, big bouquets, I had to figure out another plan for the church pew decorations as well as our centerpieces at the reception. Enter baby’s breath! It was perfect fit for our shabby chic/rustic look we were going for.

For the church I decided it would be perfect to have bunches of baby’s breath in mason jars that were hung on the pews by twine. Couldn’t have been easier to get this done. Take a decorated mason jar, place bunch of baby’s breath in it, wrap twine around top, tie around the pew.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.12.33 AM

For our centerpieces at the reception, I also took our bigger decorated mason jars, added baby breath and placed on hand-cut (by my husband) wood discs. Couldn’t be any more simple and stress free!

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.18.45 AM

For all the church pew decorations and centerpieces, I ended up spending a total of $160 to achieve the exact look I was envisioning in my head. I had enough baby’s breath to cover 29 tables and 14 church pews- and really fill the jars, not to skimp.

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