How To Use Up Gift Card Balances (even if it’s less than $1)

Raise your hands if you are like me and have been carrying around old gift cards in your wallet that have random amounts left on them. After forgetting about these gift cards and never using up the full amount I would just throw them away as I never had an opportunity to use a $.35 or $7.08 gift card. But I have now found the perfect solution to utilize all of your remaining balances on these gift cards!

The answer is gift cards.  Yes, that is correct.  You are taking final balances off of your gift cards and purchasing electronic gift cards that can be added to your account. These will accumulate and you can use them towards purchases on Amazon.

First step is to make sure of correct amounts on each gift card you have.  I had to call an 800 number for two of my cards and the other one I could go online and check the balance.


Your second step is to head over to and select e-gift cards.  You then enter the old gift card balance into the “Enter Amount” option.  Fill our the rest of the information and have the e-gift card sent to your email.


Use your old gift card as payment on the payment screen and within a few minutes you will receive an email from Amazon with the e-gift card number.  You then take this number and apply it to your account to use on your next purchase.  IMG_2096

Continue to purchase the Amazon e-gift cards to use up the rest of your remaining balances.  Now you have a balance you can actually use to make a purchase!

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