About Me…….

I need an outlet. I need a digital “Vision Board”. I am just three months pregnant and I am EXHAUSTED! I feel like I am in no way being an active member of society because I am so exhausted. Blogging will keep my mind on point, right?

Born and raised in Upstate NY in the same exact house my Father was born and raised in. With 99 Acres of Apple Trees in our backyard my brother and I were always told by our mother to go outside and “get some fresh air”.  Summers were spent painstakingly picking green beans from my father’s gigantic garden and running through a sprinkler. Winters were shoveling the decks and bringing in loads of wood for the wood stove. When it came time to look for colleges, I had no doubt in my mind-I was heading down to THE CITY!

NYC aerial photography Skyline 2

Off to the City I went. Spent 4 years on my Bachelor’s Degree and a year after I was living in Queens. I was a City Gal and loving it. Everything was so different that what I was used to growing up. I thrived on the never ending noise, the almost hypnotic consistent hustle and bustle and the food- GOOD Lord the food! I found myself a fantastic job in Times Square and everyday crowdedly commuted for and hour each way.

I would get up back home around every 2-3 months via Amtrak. Each time I came home I was fascinated at how clean the air felt when I would get off the train. The train ride along the Hudson River is incredibly beautiful if you hit it at the right time of day. Each time I made my trek up home, I would stare in awe out the window at all of this majestic beauty that I had never took the time to appreciate while I was living up there.


Slowly but surely I found myself pining for Upstate; especially walking through the crowd in Times Square on New Years Day just to get to my office; every time I got into the “smelly car” on the subway; when I would misjudge the depth of a puddle and ended up in ice cold muck up to my knee. My official “AHA” moment came when my dear friend purchased a beautiful apartment…..with no backyard. ‘No Backyard’ I said aching for a little bit of “fresh air’ that my mother was always pushing me out in.

Here it is 6 years later. I got married to a good country boy. We have almost closed on a house and I am pregnant. I have gotten back to my roots and I am loving it.

This blog will show my progress getting back to my Rustic Roots so I can share my fond memories of growing up here with my children.

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